Discover endless possibilities with INGLOT Duraline. Duraline can easily transform any eye shadow into a liquid eyeliner. The product makes the application of loose eye shadows easier, while enhancing the color. It also effectively restores the right consistency of brow or gel eyeliner.
This liquid can be mixed with any makeup product to prolong its durability and to transform it into a waterproof formulation. A drop of Duraline will enhance the color of the product and make it last longer.


• To achieve creamy waterproof formula, mix small amount Duraline with pressed eye shadow or a loose pigment.
• A professional applicator will make it easier for you to grab just the right amount of  product.
• A drop of Duraline makes the application of loose eye shadows easier and intensifies the pigment.
• Use any makeup brush, depending on the effect you’re looking to achieve.
Works perfectly with Body Painting products.

9 ml / 0.30 US FL OZ

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Weight 38 g
Dimensions 3.3 × 8.7 cm


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