About Us

Mona Cosmetics
Mona cosmetics was born in 2015, with the purpose of creating a place where you can have access to all the top local and international makeup brands. We are the only authorized retailers of renowned brands such as Inglot, Bdellium Tools and Arantza Cosmetics to name a few.
We have created our very own makeup brand and we are proud to also have launched a line of liquid lipsticks developed with a unique hydrating-creamy formula resulting in softer, plumped lips with a younger appearance. All of our lipsticks are cruelty and paraben-free.
But, why do our lipsticks stand out from others? Mona cosmetics’ liquid lipstick formula is saturated with essential fatty acids and antioxidants that instantly hydrate the lips, discovering a deeper level of hydration and protecting the skin from environmental stressors.
We are always working on ways in which we can reinvent and better ourselves in every aspect in order to ensure our clients that when they choose us, they are also choosing certified, high quality products, from Mona Cosmetics, as well as the other brands we collaborate with.

Mona Cosmetics’ makeup line is endorsed by our laboratory’s highest certificate of quality standards.
Laboratory: ISO9000:2015/14001:2015